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A Full Service Accountants Since 1999

About US

Our Story

RBS & ASSOCIATES (RBS) is an approved firm of Chartered Accountants, offering a complete range of services comprising assurances services, accounting, insolvency, secretarial, taxation and Management Consultancy.
To complement these services, RBS is actively engaged in other specialised services to meet clients’ needs including Corporate Restructuring, Takeovers and Mergers, Listing and other related work.
Our mission is to be the leading provider of financial business solutions in the country. Towards this end, RBS places emphasis in engaging information technology as an enabler to provide quality services.
In this context, too, our manpower resources and technical abilities are constantly monitored to ensure technical par excellence and services of the highest standards.
Our business processes is regularly reviewed and revised to adapt to changing business environment particularly in the wake of globalisation and Electronic Commerce that are commonplace in today’s business environment.

Our primary objective is to enhance client performance whether through the integration of information technology or otherwise, to generate timely, accurate and relevant financial information to ensure quality decision making.

Focus on Personalised Services:

We, at RBS we, strive to provide personalized services to all our clients, through our team of professionals who are experienced and specialised in various industries challenges a client may face. We are well focused on providing a totally integrated solution, such as accounting, taxation and consultancy services under one roof.

Diversified Client Base:

Our client base comprises of several of  Malaysia’s leading organizations in diverse fields ranging from manufacturing, trading, information technology, business process outsourcing, real estate, media and entertainment, banking and financial services, airlines and hotel industry. As a result, we have successfully developed a strong competitive presence in varied focus sectors.

RBS & ASSOCIATES (RBS) provides knowledge-based solutions to its clients, which help clients better understand the fundamentals and complexity of various issues, thereby enabling them to make better strategic decisions.  In view of our in-house research, close relationships and constant interactions with our clients from diverse industries, we have s a pool of experts with wide and in-depth industry knowledge which enables us to meet the client demands arising from diverse industries. Our knowledge-based solutions are based on our long-drawn research, experience, and expertise in relevant industries and business environments.

What We Do

RBS, being a medium sized organisation is quick to respond to changes, which enables us to handle the simplest of task to the most demanding yet ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be a preferred regional corporate services provider in Malaysia.

Our Mission Statement

At RBS, we exist to serve with passion. Like how a mother safeguards and nurtures her siblings, our approach to our clients are no different. This we achieve by constantly providing our clients with high-quality services and attending to their needs promptly.

Our Services


Our audit staff, in addition to meeting and responding to clients’ statutory needs.

Receivers & Managers

Accurate and timely accounting information facilitate business performance management, contributing to the making of a sound business decision and direction. 

Equity & Debt Funding Services

Our expertise comes from our knowledge of the industry, from experience with clients and the long lasting relationships we have developed that we value highly.

Forensic Accountants

we offer technical expertise, knowledge, commercial acumen and proven track record. We evaluate and present our findings in a clear and concise manner for a financial claim.


The practice of insolvency includes advising and protecting the interest of companies and individuals experiencing financial difficulties.

Corporate Services

With continuing development in statutory enactment, the businessman and company alike need quick, pragmatic and effective guidance on the applicability of the laws affecting the business environment.

Accounting Services

Accurate and timely accounting information facilitate business performance management, contributing to the making of a sound business decision and direction. 

Tax Compliance Services

Taxation is an important part of the life of any business or individual, yet the rules are complex and seem to be constantly changing. We assist our clients in understanding and complying with their ongoing taxation obligations.