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We support you in covering incorporation of various local entities, post incorporation support, and liquidation…


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Accurate and timely accounting information facilitate business performance management for sound business decisions…

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Compliance with GST in Malaysia is not as straightforward. We aid you in GST matters…

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We take care of your tax compliance, Tax registration, preparation, and submission…

Our Commitment

RBS, being a medium sized organisation is quick to respond to changes, which enables us to handle the simplest of task to the most demanding yet ensuring quality and satisfaction.

At RBS, we exist to serve with passion. Like how a mother safeguards and nurtures her siblings, our approach to our clients are no different. This we achieve by constantly providing our clients with high quality services and attending to their needs promptly.

Our Mission Statement

To help our clients’ business grow by outsourcing their non-core business processes to us for our quality, integrated and customised corporate services solution enabling our client focus on their core business.

Our Values

Our values are thus guided by these philosophies and commitment. We are people oriented and that each individual is unique; nurtured and matured by one’s respective upbringing and background. Particularly, in a multiracial society like ours, this extenuation of factors causes individuals to develop different values. In order to ensure that our clients are given treatment consistent with our philosophy, we propound common  values which now constitutes the firm’s values:
Uncompromising in adding value in our services to clients

  • Maintaining professional standards
  • Teamwork,
  • Communication par excellence
  • Confidentiality of information
  • Integrity, discipline, and diligence
  • Courtesy, valor, and loyalty